When you decide to sell your business you need to do everything you can to ensure potential buyers clearly see the real value in your business.

Understanding different buyers will put different values on your business depending on their circumstances and what they believe they can gain in return from their investment is an essential part in maximising your sale price .

Buyer A , who sees your business is simply adding a level of ongoing financial return to them are likely to value your business at a relatively low level. On a simple risk-reward approach most businesses in Australia sell for between 1 and 2 times profit.

Buyer B , who by adding your clients and services to their own can remove duplication of cost then increase sales volumes by cross selling your and their services / products to both databases . They will quickly leverage the investment to generate much higher profits and therefore are likely to pay considerably more to acquire your business.

By applying proven exit strategies, you can achieve a desirable exit outcome but be warned this may take time, typically 12 to 36 months exit planning may be needed to achieve maximum sale value.

BGS have formed a strategic sales process designed to both prepare our clients for a maximum value sale and to use our strategic methodology to target those potential buyers who are likely to value at the higher end of the scale.

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