Buy a Business

The best businesses and franchises are sold after extensive marketing online and if you are looking at buying a business by scanning the online websites you need to set up alerts that will keep you up to date.

BGS work with buyers to identify the type of business acquisition that will best fit their requirements and then target specific companies that fit the profile .

In addition we advertise across our partner platform to ensure maximum exposure, as you never know who or where your buyer may be.

By creating a Buyer Information Memorandum, we clearly define the strategic goals, market sector, geography, revenue and profit requirements and filter businesses to this criteria. This improves the success rate and increases the number of opportunities you can look at.

Buying a business, get our free quick guide on Buying a Business on the Sunshine Coast and National.

Buying a business, get our free quick guide on Buying a Business

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One to one consultation
Understanding yourself and what you want.
We will complete a personal fact find and discuss in detail your goals, experience, strengths and weaknesses. We will explore the various factors such as lifestyle, family, personal traits and help you understand what it is you are looking for. We can help you discover your hidden goals and abilities thereby greatly increasing your chances of securing the destiny you set out to find.

Business Matching
If you have completed the above and already know what you are looking for then we can reach out on your behalf and talk to business owners, accountants, and business brokers. Good businesses, really good businesses more often than not never come to market , they are approached on behalf of buyers by strategic advisers and deals are done without a for sale advert ever appearing online or in the press.

Business Profiling, Research, and Gap Analysis.
You have found the business and you have commenced negotiations and this is where you need to know that you are paying fair value and a quality business. As leading Business Brokers, GBS provides an invaluable business profiling services including a full report detailing, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and its attractiveness value . The report will provide guidance on what you should be paying for the business now and what its value could be in the future if you fill the gaps in the business highlighted in our report. The report will assist you in gaining finance with banks, provide invaluable insight to you as a new owner and ensure you do not sleep walk into a business nightmare.