In our experience too many businesses come to market with little or no preparation and expecting to sell a business when you are not prepared only drives your value down.
In this 12 part video series we give you valuable insights into how to prepare you business for a successful sale, or how to look for a business that you want to purchase.

Only 1 in 10 businesses listed selling within a reasonable time-frame and at an acceptable price.
At the same time, they are openly for sale which means competitors attack, staff may be insecure and seek alternative employment and the business itself may go backwards at this vital point in time.
The longer the business is on the market the less value it will achieve as the advertised stock gets stale.
With an increasing number of baby boomer owned businesses coming to market,
its about to get even harder to standout from the crowd and receive a fair sale price. ……. it’s time for a change.
If you are looking to retire, but concerned about selling your business, we are here to help you avoid the potholes, create opportunities and ensure you achieve your exit goals and a smooth transition to either retirement or your next venture.
With backgrounds in Mergers & Acquisitions, start-ups and Venture Capital, franchising, b2b sales and financial services we are the team you can rely on. We have also helped over 50 business prepare and sell their business successfully.

At BGS we prepare businesses for sale in a structured manner and find the right strategic buyers, so that both the buyer and seller get a fair price.We do this by looking at the business a whole and its position in the market.
We identify hidden value in the seller’s business and synergies for the purchaser.
We proactively seek buyers in an off-market sales process, resulting in more qualified enquiry
and a higher chance of a sale at a fair price with less risk to the seller and the buyer.
MW: We choose to work with just a handful of clients each year and focus on their successful sale and
with over 70 successful transactions between you can be confident that you are safe hands.
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