Stealth selling your business-an off-market sale can add real benefits and reduce risk!

An off-market sale is when the business is for sale but “under the radar”, meaning it isn’t listed for the public to see but rather promoted directly to interested and qualified potential buyers in a strategic manner.
The more people that know about a business for sale the more interest there will be, which can mean more demand, hopefully driving up the price up and it usually means a faster sale.
So why would someone want to sell their business off-market?
Well as an owner you may not want to advertise your intent to sell for a variety of reasons.
For instance, your competitors might use the knowledge to their advantage by approaching your customers, supplieers or to head hunt your key members of staff.
You might have key staff that decide to look for a new job thinking the new owners that might replace them with their own people or change the job role significantly.

If the sale of your business takes a long time –this can lead to the purchase seeming less desirable to buyers as they see a higher risk. This may have a negative effect on the price, which selling off market prevents .
The key to selling your business off-market is to partner with a sales expert who has access to a large database of buyers and professional contacts like solicitors , accounts and migration brokers.

They use a process for managing strategic sales in a proactive way . In other words, they are willing to put in the time and effort making contact with potential suitors because they have a strong motivation to make a deal happen for you.