Should I Sell My Business?

You are just beginning to consider the possibility of selling your business, but how will you manage the sale? What is the business worth? How can you maximise the values? What will buyers want to see? How do you protect the business and its staff throughout the sale process ?

Are you ready to sell your business?

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How attractive is your business to potential buyers?

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BGS are certified exit planners and can help you evaluate all your options and provide an indication of your business readiness and value. If required, we can implement a structured exit plan that can both fill the value gap by increase the value of your business ensuring you have the very best return on your hard work.

A structured exit plan can ensure that your business is both desirable and at peak value and all preparedness for due diligence in place.

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By maximising the opportunity for potential buyers and de-risking the business structure we can provide the very best basis for sale and enhanced value.

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Even if selling your business is on the distant horizon you should talk to us now, ahead of time as there is no time like the present to begin the process and ensure a smooth and profitable sale. Read our blog on ‘Planning to Sell your Business in the next 10 Years?’

When you are ready to sell your business BGS will ensure a speedy and confidential approach to the market place where more often than not a sale can be achieved with a direct approach to a short list of suitors. Most quality businesses sell within 90 days and with a minimum of risk to business disruption.

Talk to us today and we will be happy to complete a No Obligation Review absolutely FREE, of your preparedness for sale and provide a report on what steps we can take together to ensure your successful exit plan.