Strategic Business Sales – Business Broking with a difference

Our approach to business sales and broking differs from many other business brokers in that we do not simply list businesses for sale or just advertise them. We understand your business, identifying its value to potential acquirers. We then actively target those buyers where there is a logical reason for them to acquire you.

This approach ensures that there is little disruption to the business and that the optimal value is achieved in as short a period as possible.

We combine our strategic exit approach with our systemised business evaluation and strategic exit planning tools to ensure you achieve maximum value and to ensure that the business can be managed after your exit, ensuring ongoing success.

By maximising the opportunity for potential buyers and de-risking the business structure we can provide the very best basis for sale and enhanced value. Creating a win for the seller and the buyer.

Even if selling your business is on the distant horizon you should talk to us now ahead of time as there is no time like the present to begin the exit planning process and ensure a smooth and profitable sale.

Once prepared BGS will ensure a speedy and confidential approach to the market place and more often than not a successful business sale can be achieved with a direct approach to a short list of suitors. In fact most quality businesses sell within 180 days and with a minimum of risk to business disruption.

If your business is going to be sold for less than $500,000 then we recommend you use a flat rate, no commission service offred by our partner company Bonza Business and Franchise Sales. Follow the link


Talk to us today and we will be happy to complete a free no obligation review of your preparedness for sale and provide a report on what steps we can take together to ensure your successful exit plan and business sale.