The calculator is simple to use and gives you two values, your DCF value and your multiple value, dependent upon your size, industry and type of buyer.

Both values are subjective to the extent that one of the key determinants for your business is the risk attached to your business, which influences the discount rate in the DCF calculation and the multiple in the Capitalisation valuation.

Once you are on the results page you can move the risk slider to reduce or increase risk, this changes the value associated with your business. The graph shows a risk curve that applies to the data provided.

The Business Attractiveness Report is an online tool to help you find out how attractive your business may be to a buyer. The report will highlight areas where you are strong and areas where you can improve.

The result you get is also a good indicator of the risk buyers may see in your business, acting as a key determinant of your ultimate value. We deliver this report free of charge and it will certainly add value to your exit process.

Are you at the point when you think it may be time to sell? Are you ready to sell? Take this online test to see exactly how ready you really are. The report will provide insights into where you need to take action and where you are actually already in a good place. This tool should be the start of your personal exit journey and will only take about 10 minutes to complete.
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